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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An agent is going to GOOGLE ME?!

The more I research and learn about publishing and writing, the less (it feels like) I know. I just found out from thewritelife.com that agents I query will probably Google me. So, being naturally curious, I Googled myself. Zero guesses what I found . . .

I wish I could say I was surprised that Googling "Amanda Sutliff" had no results for me, and more results for other people who happen to share my name. Even more frightening, when I Googled AC Sutliff (which is my planned pen name - don't hold it against me that I was pretentious enough to give myself a pen name) the fourth result was for a bootlegged copy of the PDF of my second self-published book.

~Sigh~ Obviously this blog needs some attention!

I wonder what would be the best way to start changing my Google results so the top result is this blog. But beyond that, what I am really wondering about is WHAT I should write about on here in the first place. If someone is actually going to be Googling me (and I hope they do even if it terrifies me!) I want them to see that I am not narcissistic, contrary to what this blog post might suggest, and that I am in fact using a blog for a creative purpose. And a useful one.

I hate nonfiction. When my students and I arrive at the nonfiction writing and reading units in January (which happens to be my birthday month) I always wind up feeling a lack of motivation. Nonfiction sucks the life out of me. So even though it makes sense for a writer to write a blog about the process of getting published, or the process of writing a novel, I have to admit that I couldn't force myself to do that unless the fiction gods decided to scorn me for writing this post by locking my creativity in Time Pocket. Of course, if that does happen, I know I can always ask Theo to get it back for me.

Now, onto the real purpose of this darn blog. To introduce my real blogging plan: I want to write short stories. Creative closet novels based in the fantasy worlds I have been brewing for the past year (both the historical fantasy world Yang and the epic fantasy world Yin). I want to see where this takes me (and you too, hopefully). Who knows? We might end up meeting my next protagonist.

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